Matthew Trull

Matthew Trull

Journey To A Purposeful Life..
About Me


We all have a purpose in life.

Finding that purpose, at least for me, has not been easy.

I recently woke up, not too long ago, and realized I have not really done much with my life. Sure, I have a family and a job, but I have not reached my full potential. My family and I are constantly struggling with finances and I feel like I am stuck in life.

I know I can do and be so much more.

I want a life that has a purpose. I want to be able to help others achieve their goals, but to do that I need to achieve mine.

The only problem, I am not clear on what those goals are.

So I am going to figure out those goals and achieve them.

I am going to document what I am doing, what is working and what is not working. I will share here as I go. I will write about the good and the bad.

I will be honest and admit I am not a great writer, so be kind! This is a judgement free zone.

Any advise is always welcome.

Thank you and enjoy!