A New Beginning

Moving to Massachusetts was a new beginning for me.


My mom and I moved up here in October 2001, we actually drove, which was nice and scenic in the Fall. My moms original plan before was to buy a house with my dad, but that wasn’t happening, so we moved in with my Aunt and Uncle north of Boston.

My Aunt and my mom wasted no time catching up and going out everyday and having fun, me, I sat around for a couple weeks wondering what I was going to do. Since my original plan was to stay in Florida, I wasn’t really mentally prepared for finding a job, and I was enjoying a little relaxing time.


My Aunt and Uncle owned a grocery store in town run by my cousins, my Aunt suggested going there for now, so I did. I started working there and learning new things, which I love, and meeting lots of people. My Aunt worked the mornings as a cashier, so my mom started working with her in the mornings also. After they would work they would go out on their adventures to wherever. As I learned more things I started working more hours and days. After a little while I was working 6 days a weeks and 10 hours a day, I was still young and didn’t mind.


I will always be grateful for the experience of working at the store. I learned a lot about management, inventory and ordering products, working under stressful situations when it was really busy and we were short handed, multi-tasking and customer relations.

I have a lot of great memories from the store, but my fondest will always be being around family, that is one experience I would never trade now.


Thank you for your time!


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