My Early Years

I can never complain of having a horrible childhood or teenage years.


I grew up in a suburban neighborhood in West Palm Beach FL., but my family wasn’t wealthy like a lot of people assume because West Palm Beach had a lot of wealthy people there.


It was my father, mother, older sister and I. We were a middle-class family, my father worked full time and my mother was a teacher. When my sister and I were young we did a lot as a whole family, vacations, going to the beach and other things. As my sister and I got into high school we, as like other kids, stopped wanting to do as much with our parents. We would rather hang out with our friends then go on vacation or hangout with our parents. This is when I started to shape the direction my life was going in…and it wasn’t good.


I was a punk! When I say punk, I’m not talking about the music genre, I’m talking about behavior. While my sister was going to a great high school, getting good grades and surrounding herself with positive friends, I was skipping high school, failing and hanging out with friends that were definitely not a positive influence. I thought I was to smart for school.


My mom tried her hardest to try and get me to change, but I was stubborn. At age 16, I dropped out of school after I convinced my mom that there was no way I was going to finish. Dropping out at 16 and going into the “real world” was very liberating.

I felt like an adult!


So my father started to treat me like one….


He told me if I wanted to remain under his roof I would need to get a job and pay rent. I ended up getting a job at a local auto repair shop working in the office. It was a very good job and my co-workers were great! I had no problems paying rent and helping out more around the hose.


I was under 18, paying rent and feeling great about life! I was learning a lot about responsibility and I will always be grateful to my parents for pushing me to be responsible and help me learn some life lessons very early.


But unfortunately not every life lesson can be taught, we have to live through them to learn.

I will tell you some of the life lessons I have learned in future posts.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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