The Sins of My Father

I was 19, working full time and not a real worry in the world. I wasn’t thinking about the future, I was just going through the motions of life.


My father was on a contracting job living in Massachusetts and visiting frequently. My sister was there with him, I don’t remember what she was doing. They were staying with my mother’s family who lived up there and my mom was planning on retiring and moving up there. My parents had a plan, retire, move up to New England and enjoy retirement. I was going to continue to live in Florida and visit them periodically. Everything was all set. Until one afternoon..


I don’t remember what day it was, but it was hot. We had a pool in our backyard so I would usually come home from work and go for a swim. On this day I came home and was getting ready to go for a swim when my mom came out and said she had to talk to me. The first thought through my head was “crap, what did I do?”. But I can tell from the look one her face it wasn’t about me, she looked like she had been crying.


So we sat down in the backyard and she informed she she had discovered my father had been having an affair for a few years now.


I was speechless. Angry.


My father and I never saw eye to eye, we butted heads a lot. He was a military man, a Marine to be more specific. He was always drilling into me the importance of honor, dignity, respect and putting others first. I never expected this.

My mom was broken! She showed me the emails she had found on the computer between my father and the other woman. I was beyond angry!

So I called him right then and there. When he answered he asked how things were going but I got right to the point. I told him I knew about his affair and first he denied it, so I read him some of the emails, then he got mad I was reading his emails, and he then tried defending his actions. Needless to say I wasn’t buying his excuses and told him where he can shove them!


After I hung up my mom told me she called her sister, my dad was staying with her and her family, but she wasn’t home. This was 2001, cell phones weren’t that common, so she left her a message on her answering machine. I called my sister and told her and of course she wasn’t happy. In that afternoon alone, almost every family member new. My aunt, whom he was living with called and informed my mom he was kicked out. My dads mother called to check on my mother and offered any help we needed. Same with his brothers and my moms family. He was pretty much disowned by everyone in one afternoon.


A few weeks after that afternoon was my moms last day and she was officially retired. She still planned to move up to Massachusetts and be close to her family and she asked if I would go also. I originally planned to stay where we lived, get an apartment and continue my life in Florida, but part of me wanted to move and start a new life.

We moved a couple months later and I was excited to start a new beginning.

I will try and get caught up to current events as quickly as possible and thank you!


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